Organic sugaring changes everything!


Our mission

Sugar and Brows is dedicated to helping our clients discover that "Beauty is Individual" through personal care and pampering services. We use the highest quality products and provide amazing organic body sugaring techniques performed by talented licensed artists. We firmly believe that “organic sugaring changes everything," striving daily for each guest to leave looking and feeling like their most beautiful selves— inside and out. Join us soon to enjoy the Sugar and Brows experience for yourself!




Octavia brings over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry to her innovative approach to brow artistry.


Beginning as a licensed brow specialist at the world renowned Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar, she went on to master the art of brow shaping, tinting, and organic sugar body waxing. 


As a leader in the field, Octavia now brings her talents back to her second home: Harlem. 




Sugaring is a form of hair removal that dates back to ancient Egypt.  Hair is extracted with a sugar paste that consists of just sugar, lemon, and water.  Unlike waxing, the esthetician applies the sugar against the natural direction of the hair growth and then uses a gentle flicking motion to remove the paste, and the hair. It is often found to be more gentle, less irritating, and longer lasting than waxing.

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