Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use sugar to remove hair?

Our sugar paste is a sticky, taffy-like consistency made from just sugar, water and lemon juice. We choose from three different types of sugar paste of varying consistency depending on the body part being treated, and your individual hair type. We use clean gloves each time to take a portion of sugar paste from the warming pot, which is body temperature and not hot. We never double dip, and there are no sticks or strips. The sugar is applied by hand, against the grain of hair, and the warm paste seeps into the hair follicles to wrap around the hair shaft. Then, we remove the sugar via a flicking motion in the same direction as hair growth to reduce ingrown hairs. This technique takes time and plenty of practice to master. After the treatment, the sugar is discarded in the trash.

Does sugaring hurt?

All hair removal is somewhat uncomfortable, but Sugaring Hair Removal is way better than waxing! Most clients agree that they experience less than half the discomfort with sugaring. If you’ve never had hair removal before or its been a few months, you can expect a little more discomfort since we are pulling hair out by the root. But stick with it, your second treatment it will be a breeze! Plus, with regular sugaring appointments, your hair grows back thinner and lighter. It also results in permanent hair reduction for many people. Less hair means less discomfort!

How is sugaring different than waxing?

WAX removes hair in the opposite direction of growth which can be very painful, leads to follicle scarring, and can cause those nasty painful ingrown hair bumps everyone dreads. Wax contains resins and additives, which can cause irritation. And because wax is applied hot it can cause painful burns or tearing of sensitive areas. Conversely, when we SUGAR we use a paste made from just sugar, water and lemon juice. Since there are no resins, it won’t stick to skin, just hair! It is removed in the direction of hair growth, and applied at body temperature. There is no chance of burns or tearing with sugaring. There are three main differences:

  1. The sugar isn’t hot so there’s no risk of burning (and your skin won’t be bright red like after you get waxed!).
  2. Sugar paste doesn’t stick to live skin cells – just the hair and dead skin cells – which means less irritation. There’s no chance of losing a layer of skin like with waxing!
  3. The sugaring technique removes hair in the natural direction it grows. Waxing removes hair against the growth which is more traumatizing for skin.

How does sugaring compare to shaving?

SHAVING is temporary hair removal process. You can expect to see and feel regrowth in as little as one day. Many people also develop irritation and bumps from shaving too close. Not to mention the cost of replacing expensive razor blades, and all the TIME you have to spend doing it! SUGARING removes hair in the direction of growth and results last for 3 to 5 weeks. It removes more of the hairs without breaking them off under the skin for fewer unsightly bumps. Because the sugar paste is all natural (sugar, water and lemon juice) there is little to no risk for irritation. Gentle and effective, Sugaring Hair Removal is the best way to remove unwanted hair.

How long does my hair have to be to get sugared?

Length of hair should be approximately 1/4″ or longer, which is about the size of a grain of rice. If you’ve been shaving, 3.5-4 weeks of growth is usually sufficient, but longer is fine, too. If you’ve been waxing or sugaring, you’ll want to wait 4 weeks in between your appointments without shaving.

What if I'm on my period the day of my appointment?

Being on your period is no reason to cancel your Brazilian or bikini hair removal appointment. We can work around a tampon string, but some clients tuck them inside. More clients are using menstrual cups, which are worn inside the body. Either way, it’s not an issue for us at all.

What can I expect from my sugaring appointment?

Most clients experience a slight stinging sensation or a little warmth in the area for a few minutes after the service is completed. You can also expect to see a few very tiny red dots (those are the pores the hair was removed from). They will fade within a couple of hours. What you won’t experience is irritation, burning or any skin tearing, which is common with waxing. Sugaring is so gentle many people feel nothing once the treatment is over.

How should I prepare for my sugaring appointment?

The day of your appointment skin should be clean and dry, no lotion or oil. You may take an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever of your choice, and caffeine should be avoided.

  • SHOWER & EXFOLIATE Make sure the area of treatment is fresh and clean
  • LENGTH OF HAIR – Hair should be 1/8” or longer (3.5 weeks – 31 days of growth)
  • NO LOTIONS OR OILS – No skin care products in the treatment area the day of service. No Antiperspirant or deodorant for underarm hair removal.
  • DISCONTINUE – Any products or medications that dry your skin out at least 40 days prior. This will prevent irritation and allows hairs to be removed more easily.
  • CONTRAINDICATIONS – If you are using an external medication prescribed for facial acne, discoloration or aging such as Differin, Retin-A, ProActive, Avita, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, or Glycolic Acid it is advisable to discontinue use for 4-7 days prior to hair removal. ACCUTANE is an internal medication and dries out the entire body. You must be off Accutane for 6 months prior to hair removal on any body area.

What should I do after my sugaring appointment?

Exfoliate and moisturize, but do not apply deodorant, makeup, or body lotions for 12 hours following treatment. Other considerations:

  1. Skip the workout until tomorrow
  2. Keep your skin clean; avoid deodorant or antiperspirant until the next day
  3. Wait 4 days then start exfoliating during showers
  4. Apply a daily body lotion, especially after exfoliation

Can I get sugared if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! The sugar paste has no additives or preservatives, which means no toxins, irritants or allergens. Body sugaring is a safe, effective and gentle professional treatment. Besides, you can’t see what’s going on down there under that belly.

Can I get sugared if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! The sugar paste has no additives or preservatives, which means no irritants and no allergic reactions. Body sugaring is a safe, effective and gentle professional treatment. Clients with sensitive skin swear it’s the only hair removal method they’ll ever use again. If waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams do not work for you, try sugaring!

How long should I wait between sugaring appointments?

The ideal time to return for your next sugaring treatment is every 3.5-4 weeks minimum.